Advertising, Branding How Digital Signage can be used for In-Store Advertising

A new advertising medium is changing the way retailers think it’s called point of decision marketing and you can be a part of it with digital signage from SIGNLOGIC. Point of decision marketing means selling your products to people who have demonstrated an interest in them and who are able to make an immediate purchase decision for example a woman browses at the edge of your housewares department triggering a plasma screen to announce up to 70% savings on many items she walks into the department in the screen changes its sales pitch to showcase top-of-the-line cookware and decorator knick-knacks it captures her attention with bargains then steps are up to the higher margin items.

Digital signage automates the sales process by augmenting the work of your sales staff giving you greater assurance that customers are given every conceivable purchase opportunity.Your digital signage can display any type of content loop to branding messages, interactive customer services scrolled, sales announcements, DVD programs .cable TV feeds or even paid advertising messages from your suppliers which can cover the costs of this amazing marketing tool.

Shopping malls and other public venues use digital signage to sell different products in different sectors at different times of day and retailers are happy to pay for this ad placement because it connects with customers when they’re most susceptible to the sales message while they’re shopping .Signlogic digital signage  solutions gives you power to communicate through closed-circuit broadcast or Internet, to split the screen into zones for maximum impact in information delivery , to add weather scrolls or other timely content, to import cable TV programming and Internet content and to send different content to different screens and different parts of those screens anywhere on your network.

What really sets Signlogic apart is our exclusive service warranty with total care, your hardware and software support are absolutely free for the first year and renewable every year after that at a nominal maintenance package. Signlogic Digital Signage Maintenance package gives you total access to knowledgeable  technicians via telephone email or live chat wherever you are worldwide Signlogic makes it easy to deliver the right selling messages to the right audiences at the point of decision that crucial moment when they have the inclination and the opportunity to make a purchase.

                                             Welcome to the revolution digital signage from Signlogic !



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