Branding Strategy for Building a Fashion Brand

For anybody who wants to start a fashion brand or a clothing company today or any  brand  of sort these are key advice which you must follow diligently to be successful.

It’s a very bad strategy to follow and unfollow people every single day and you think that’s how you’re gonna build an audience on social media and then you think those people are actually gonna buy your products , then you are wasting a lot of time. Also, it is making yourself look silly; so do not do that , try not to add the word clothing at the end of your name, it’s unnecessary, many people have done it once in a while, it may work sometimes in the beginning but it’s just too much work so keep things t short and sweet.

Out of your busy schedule make time to network,  don’t do everything online. Digital is great but it’s only the most powerful when you can marry it with real-life relationships. The biggest thing is making sure that you’re doing at least 5 things that separate you from everybody else whether it’s your name, your packaging, your brand story ,the type of events you do, the type of marketing you do, I’d say stay transparent, to show your brand tell your story all the time  and have fun during brand building process.Good humor and good design are contagious! they make people excited naturally ,so you don’t have to be the most serious company but you have to be original because people will call you out and and with any company you have to be original you have to be authentic.

During the early stage of brand building, position your brand around a story,create a story-script to tell the world your story and that’s really important because this  it what separates you from being just another fill in the blank , yet another t-shirt company or another small boutique. To create meaningful experiences around the way that your customers interact with you you need to focus on specially packed limited-edition box with the right kind of style and typography.

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